Criminals, Tyrants, and Cowards

Only criminals, tyrants, and cowards fear an armed populace.

Yes, I mean that. (Assuming, of course, that the populace has a decent respect for life, liberty, and property.) In that case, the only people who would not want law-abiding citizens to have access to arms are those who prey on others, and cowards.

Criminals make their living by preying on other human beings. They take the fruits of someone else’s labor and offer nothing else in return. The predator prefers weak prey. This is true for both the four-legged and two-legged varieties.

When a tyrant gains power over a formerly free people, one of the first things on the tyrant’s to-do list is disarming the populace. Tyrants excercise arbitrary and absolute authority over their subjects and constantly do things that their victims don’t like: unjustly taking property, banning free speech, kidnapping, torture, political imprisonment, murder, and genocide all come to mind. An armed populace might decide to fight back. An unarmed people can’t, at least not effectively.

Some people are so worried that they will go to unreasonable lengths to avoid whatever worries them. Yes, firearms can be dangerous. However, they are not alone in that regard. The world is dangerous.

Having firearms in the hands of criminals is a bad thing. This is something we agree on. However, punishing and restricting law-abiding citizens does little to stop criminals and harms the law-abiding. Why should a good person be punished because someone else did something wrong. That makes no sense whatsoever. If gun control could stop criminals from getting guns, there would be no guns in Chicago. Those who would disarm law-abiding citizens in order to disarm criminals may not be tyrants or criminals, but they are misguided.

Other people are concerned that people might be accidentally hurt by firearms. They envision hunting accidents, handling accidents, and kids playing with an illegally obtained firearm. Yes, acidental shootings happen. They are tragic. However, accidental shootings are very rare. We hear about them more often than we otherwise might because they make sensational news – yes, I am a cynic where the media are concerned. (Add to that the anti-gun bias of the left-wing media and you have a recipe for distorted coverage.) More people are hurt or killed by cars accidentally, yet no reasonable person would want to ban cars to save those lives. More children are accidentally killed by bicycles and tricycles than guns. No reasonable person would want to ban them, either. There are more guns and gun owners in America than ever before. Accidental gun deaths are rare. Again, these people may not be predators, but they are misguided.

Worrywarts obsess about improbable events and justify restrictions on law-abiding gun owners as necessary to prevent these already rare tragedies. However, as I said, they are already rare. The effectiveness of these restriction is dubious. Proper gun safety can be much more effective. Learn and practice the rules of safe firearm use. Teach your kids to properly respect guns. These basics will do so much more for safety than disarming law-abiding citizens.

These cowards may not be criminals or tyrants themselves, but they are often their unwitting tools.

Factsheet: Firearm Safety In America 2009
NRA Gun Safety Rules
Wikipedia article on gun safety
NRA’s Eddie Eagle kids’ gun safety program
NRA’s Eddie Eagle “Parents’ Guide to Gun Safety”


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