Why aren’t conservatives fired up about guns?

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Seriously, why aren’t more conservatives fired up about 2nd Amendment issues?

This is essential liberty. Even if you don’t own a gun, at least respect my right to own them. Realize that the same progressives who want to take away my right to keep and bear arms want to take away the liberties that you enjoy. Healthcare choice, dietary choice, school choice, financial choice, down the line… they want to micromanage your life.

Firearms are an essential part of liberty. Anyone who threatens gun rights is an enemy to liberty. I don’t care how good their record is on anything else. VOTE THEM OUT!!! Primary them, replace them, impeach them.

Gun issues are the canary in the coal mine. Watch suspiciously anyone who doesn’t believe in the right of honest people to arm themselves. They WILL reveal themselves in time as the tyrant wannabes that they really are. I don’t care how conservative they talk, that just makes them hypocrites, not conservatives. Even if the rest of their record seems conservative and liberty minded, they are not.

Beware of them. Don’t vote for them.


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Concealed Handgun License holder in Texas.
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